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Upcoming Sale, New Dictionary, and a Writing Update

Just a few things I wanted to let everyone know:

Through November and December, Shadow of an Unknown Past will be on sale! Spread the word!

Recently, I’ve been working on adding a Shidokian dictionary to the book’s page. This is something I’m going to add to every book’s page, as some terms I can’t share what they mean just yet without spoiling things. Hopefully, this will be helpful. I’m working on a pronunciation guide, but that’s a little bit more difficult. Not everyone is familiar with standard pronunciation guide symbols, but I’m not sure if my weird way of writing out how you say them is helpful.

As for an update on writing the rest of the series, I finished the first draft of book 4 tonight! Book 2 is in the final edit stages, but it’s very close. Book 3 is…still book 3. I struggle with that one, including what to name it. But I feel it’s making progress.

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