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A story exploring the consequences of forgetting the past—with a little magic on the side.

The Books

Shadow of an Unknown Past

Shadow of an Unknown Past Cover

Mariea Rolondo is very aware one’s past can make or break their future. But in a hidden world of magic, things are never so straightforward. When dark whispers of events long forgotten begin to haunt Mariea, she’s left to figure out their origin and meaning or face their consequences for her people.

Meanwhile, Mefune unexpectedly finds himself the leader of a vast organization tasked with protecting the unaware from magical creatures. With secrets of his own to keep and enemies around every turn, he wonders if he’ll have what it takes to keep everything afloat. 

And when the threat they both face becomes much bigger than ever imagined, will they manage to escape the shadow of the past, or be doomed to repeat it?


"Shadow of an Unknown Past is a well-crafted tale of magic, fantasy, and love. Kudos to J. Duckworth for a wonderful, creative masterpiece for her first novel. It is a "page turner." Eagerly waiting for the second story in the Auric series! – Curtis, December 10, 2022​

"I love this book. It brings a whole new perspective and ideas to the fantasy world. The characters are all wonderful and so easy to fall in love with (even the bad ones ;)) So excited to continue reading future books to find out how everything gets resolved! Hands down one of my top favorite books." – Amanda, June 12, 2022

Future Books

Future Books

This is where you can come for details about upcoming books, and progress on the writing process! 

  • Unnamed Book 2 - 98% finished. In final editing stages before sent to editor for final review.

  • Unnamed Book 3 - 70% finished. Currently in peer review.

  • Shadow of the Inta's Price - 30% finished. First draft complete.



Shidokian Dictionary

If you’re anything like me, remembering every unique term an author supplies in a book isn’t easy. With that in mind, I’ve started to create a Shidokian dictionary. This won’t be an extensive list—I wouldn’t want to bore you with an entire dictionary—but after each book is published, I'll add relevant terms. Enjoy!

Warning: some of these terms contain spoilers! 


  • Annin – verb – Go, start, begin, etcetera.

  • Aurae – noun – A person with an aura. This word is technically not Shidokian, but it’s so closely associated with those who use the language that the word has pretty much been adopted. Nobody really knows where the word originated from or who first started calling the Auraes by it.


  • Dan – noun – Sun.

  • Dok – noun – Person or human. Can also be used to mean individual.

  • Dou – verb – Changed or changing.

  • Doushidok – noun – A combination of two Shidokian words: dou, meaning changing or changed, and shidok, which roughly translates to a person with power. So, combined, the direct translation of this word would be ‘person with changed power.’ This term became a title for a group of individuals with modified auras.


  • Ka – noun – One.

  • Katarab – noun – Another word created by combining two Shidokian words: ka, meaning one, and tarab, meaning leader. Even among the Doushidok—who coined the phrase—the word has a negative connotation and often brings fear.


  • Shi – noun – Power, energy, and similar words best describe the meaning of shi. It has a similar feeling and meaning to the Chinese word ‘chi.’ It can also be used to describe auras, though it’s an indirect relation, like describing a lightbulb as light.

  • Shidok – noun – Person with power. A long time ago, this was used as a term for Auraes but fell out of favor long before modern history.

  • Shikani – noun – A person lacking power is the literal translation. (The sufffix ‘kan’ or ‘kani’ can be added to words to negate them. Like worth and worthless.) Most people will define it as a person lacking an aura. It’s also become widely used for those who don’t know about magic, whether they have an aura or not.


  • Tarapor – noun – Creatures that suffer from a magically-created disease, causing them to die a quick, painful death. Their corpses live on as hosts for the disease, driven mad to hunt after anything that lives. Because of their warped auras, they are impervious to almost everything except for a specially crafted metal. The Brotherhood was organized soon after they came into existence to try and eradicate the world of them, but an entire town on Raidenya was ravaged by the disease, and it managed to escape off-island. Because of how easily it spreads and how fatal it is, the Brotherhood have been unsuccessful in its attempts to destroy the Tarapor.

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