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the Auric Chronicles News

Currently the first book is written and under final edit. I’m working on expanding sections and getting it a little closer to my word count goal. The second book is also complete and is undergoing the second round of extensive editing (which really never looks like much, but doesn’t quite qualify as final editing stage) and the third book is being re-drafted as we speak. The fourth book has about three or four chapters written but who knows if any of those are still relevant.

As of now, a publish date is still very far out there, but some content has been uploaded to many reading websites, such as and Be warned though, they’re currently outdated…

I do have a class coming up where I have to build a website to sell a product…except for I don’t have anything to sell. There is a small part of me that hopes the first book of this series might actually be ready for publishing before I have to take that class, so I can use it. But that’s very much just wishful thinking at this point.

This is the series I have dedicated the most time to, so it’s the closest one to a publish date as of now.

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