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Book One Cover Release

I’ve been working on a cover design for the first book. It’s still something of a rough, so it’s subject to change, but I wanted to add it to the website, so I figured I’d do a little writeup to announce it! Here it is:

I’m planning on officially publishing the book within the next few months, most likely. I think I’m going to go the self-publishing route. It’s just simpler and I have more creative control. I’m just trying to decide if I want to go full-on I do it myself and sell it from my site or if I want to get someone like Amazon to do the heavy lifting for me. I’m trying to decide what would be most cost effective for me at the end of the day. Since I already have a great day job, I’m not worried about making a living off of this, but I would at least like a system that would cover the cost of my prints, ya know?

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